Weather presenter gets an uncontrollable fit of the giggles thanks to caption error

When the word “ex-offender” appeared beneath her on the screen, forecaster Kawser Quamer could not contain her laughter

Kawser Quamer (BBC screenshot, EH)

A BBC weather presenter got a serious fit of the giggles during a live broadcast when a captioning error led to her being labelled as an “ex-offender”.


Kawser Quamer was presenting the weather for BBC Scotland when the words “Aaron Ramsay – Ex-offender” appeared beneath her on the screen.

Qaumer tried, in vain, to fight back the giggles, even turning away from the camera multiple times, only for another glitch to happen minutes later which labelled her “Julia Cree – Throughcare Support Worker”.

Quamer later joked she’d need to get an ambulance home after her car-crash broadcast, and said she was mortified on Twitter…


Oh how we love live television…