TV schedules updated following Manchester bomb attack

Scheduled programmes make way for extended news coverage in the aftermath of the suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert


Viewers will see numerous changes to their television schedules today as UK broadcasters react to Monday night’s tragic news of a suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena, which has so far claimed 22 lives and injured at least 59 others.


The explosion happened in the foyer of the building at 10:35pm following a concert by US superstar Ariana Grande. Police say a lone male attacker died in the blast.

Scheduled programmes will make way for extended news coverage, while some have been removed due to content deemed unsuitable in the circumstances.

See changes below, with further updates here as we receive them:

Changes are to Tuesday 23rd May unless otherwise stated


6:00am Breakfast extended to 9:30am

9:30am BBC News added, replacing Going Back, Giving In and Homes Under the Hammer, which moves to BBC2

6pm BBC News extended until 7:30pm (also in Northern Ireland and Wales), with a Party Election Broadcast by the Conservative Party and Andrew Neil’s 7pm interview with UKIP leader Paul Nuttall dropped

9pm New Jimmy McGovern drama Broken replaced by Planet Earth II (further details, including a BBC statement)


9:00am Victoria Derbyshire dropped to be replaced with 9:00am Coast, 9:15am Animal Park Summer Special and 10:00am Homes Under the hammer (moved from BBC1)

11:00am BBC Newsroom Live replaced by Money for Nothing

12noon Daily Politics replaced by Bargain Hunt

10:30pm Newsnight has been extended until 11:25pm and will be followed by Dara and Ed’s Road to Mandalay

BBC2 Wales: 7:30pm EastEnders is replaced by Coast: Mystery of the Isles. First Minister’s Questions follows at 11:15pm


6:00am Good Morning Britain extended until 9:25am, with schedule 8:30am Lorraine dropped

9:25am ITN News Special replaces 9:25am Jeremy Kyle, 10:30am This Morning, 12:30pm Loose Women and 1:30pm ITV Lunchtime News, with the original schedule currently due to resume at 2pm with Dickinson’s Real Deal

10:00pm ITV News at Ten extended by 10 minutes, with a knock-on effect on following scheduled programmes. 10 minute changes apply to all regions, following scheduled news programmes

ITV Wales: the Liberal Democrats have pulled their Party Election Broadcast, which will now air at 6:25pm on Thursday 25th May

Border Scotland: 6:25pm the SNP have pulled their Party Election Broadcast

UTV: 6:25pm the Ulster Unionist Party have pulled their Party Election Broadcast

Wednesday 24th May 9pm the UTV Election Debate has been replaced by Heathrow – Britain’s Busiest Airport

STV: 8pm River Monsters and 8:30pm Scotland Debates replaced by 8pm Tonight at the London Palladium and 9pm Heathrow – Britain’s Busiest Airport

ITV2: 9pm Film The White House Down replaced by Film The 40 Year Old Virgin. Family Guy follows at 11:25pm, with Celebrity Juice at 1:00am

ITV4: 11:55pm United 93 replaced by River Monsters until 2:00am; Sunday 28th May 11:05pm United 93 replaced by Car Crash Global and River Monsters

Channel 4


7:00pm Channel 4 News extended to 8pm, with 7:50pm Party Election Broadcast dropped