The top TV interview walkouts

As X Factor USA presenter Steve Jones storms out on Piers Morgan, we look at some classic walkouts from the archives

It turns out X Factor USA presenter Steve Jones doesn’t like talking about his personal life…


Indeed, the former T4 presenter was so annoyed at Piers Morgan’s line of questioning on his CNN chat show that he walked out on his fellow Brit.

Jones later said on Twitter: “For the record I’m not ashamed to admit I stormed off Piers Morgan
tonight. His line of questioning was highly offensive. You judge this

Now whether it was all just a clever publicity stunt, or genuine anger – everyone loves a good walkout, we’re sure you’ll agree.

And so, with this in mind – here’s a bunch of classic celebrity storm offs from the archives (aka YouTube).


1.\tThe Bee Gees made headlines in 1997 when they flounced off The Clive Anderson Show after a barrage of satirical broadsides from the presenter, who got quite some mileage out of their previous band name, Les Tosseurs.

2.\tHell hath no fury like a husband scorned. When Simon Amstell had the cheek to highlight some of the more inane passages in the then-Mrs Preston’s autobiography back in 2007, the Ordinary Boy walked off the comedy panel show in a brilliantly adolescent huff.

3. It’s never been polite to ask questions about other people’s salaries but doing so on TV can completely detonate an interview, as Claudia Winkleman discovered on Liquid News back in 2003 when asking S Club band members about their earnings, prompting an irate PR lady to pull the plug.

4.\tBeware the on-hand PR if you’re pushing your luck as an interviewer. As US radio host Ryan Seacrest discovered to his chagrin when interviewing Twilight star Robert Pattinson, if questions stray off topic, you can be left with airtime to fill and a guest vacating the studio after a mere couple of minutes.

5.\tYoung British Artist Tracey Emin proved a volatile guest on this arts discussion show, demonstrating that she knew how to drink and smoke like the great masters of the past before staggering off unsteadily, wanting to “be free”.

6.\tIt’s usually guests who storm off TV shows in a huff, but in the bellowing, shell-suited world of Jeremy Kyle, the host sometimes does it, too. Kyle, usually able to shout down the Viz caricatures who populate his programme, proved no match for this screaming band of infidelity addicts and had to make a swift, cathartic exit himself.

7.\tNaomi Campbell’s not a woman you’d want to rile, but this interviewer kept pressing question after question about blood diamonds to the highly strung supermodel, who not only cut her interview short but knocked a camera over on her way out for good measure.

8.\tAmerica’s campest man, Richard Simmons, took umbrage at William Shatner’s assumption that he didn’t know how straight men acted in day-to-day life on NBC Today in 2009, sashaying off the set in quite a strop.

9. Heather Mills wanted to talk about the environment, her interviewer wanted to talk about the McCartney divorce. How to get out of this stalemate? If you’re Heather, keep on restating your point, Miliband-style, until you run out of steam and exit stage left.


10.\tAnd finally, the Hilton heiress herself. Who knew that a mere mention of Kim Kardashian’s name could cause such hurt?