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The Battle for Number 10: Viewers deplore Jeremy Paxman’s “bullying” and “ranting” interview style

People were frustrated by Paxman's incessant interruptions, which left Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May unable to answer many of his questions

Published: Tuesday, 30th May 2017 at 7:50 am

In television debates between party leaders, vying politicians will often shout over one another so much that neither is able to get a word in edgeways and viewers reach the end of the programme none the wiser.


Since Theresa May has refused to engage in a head-to-head debate with Jeremy Corbyn during campaigning for this year’s snap election, this risk should have been eradicated. Alas, it wasn’t – Jeremy Paxman made sure of that.

On Monday night, May v Corbyn Live: The Battle for Number 10 saw the two party leaders appear separately to answer questions from a studio audience, before being interviewed by Paxman.

Watch the Paxman interviews again here

Known for his sharp, quick-as-a-bullet technique of outsmarting interviewees and backing them into corners, many viewers were disappointed to see that Paxman had instead veered into bullish and confused attack mode, which left the party leaders unable to answer his questions.

And it was concluded that Paxman failed to crack Theresa May…


All in all, both interviewees seem to have emerged relatively unscathed – and having given hardly anything away. Looks like we might have Paxman to thank for that.


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