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Jason Isaacs didn't hold back when he spotted Sean Spicer at the Emmys

The Harry Potter and Star Trek: Discovery actor left a scathing Instagram post directed at the former White House PR man

Published: Tuesday, 19th September 2017 at 1:49 pm

Sean Spicer made a bizarre cameo at the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, and it rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way.


One of those people was Jason Isaacs, and seeing Trump's former White House PR man at the Netflix after-party appears to have been the final straw. The Harry Potter and Star Trek: Discovery actor took to Instagram to post a scathing takedown.

"What were the Emmys thinking celebrating this modern day Goebbels, who was the thuggish face of Orwellian doublespeak just moments ago?" Isaacs wrote in his post, along with a picture of his own grimacing face as Spicer enjoys the party in the background.

"Three surprising things about him:

1) He comes about up to my nipples
2) He doesn't think he should hide himself under a rock from shame for the rest of his life.
3) He's deeply unattractive, from the inside out. Has the aura of a giant festering abscess. Strange, since he was so charismatic at the (elevated) podium," the post continues.

Isaacs wasn't the only one to take umbrage after Spicer was brought onstage by host Stephen Colbert to comment on the size of the audience, harkening back to his now infamously misleading first press conference after Donald Trump's inauguration.


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