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Where to find fact-filled Coronavirus programmes, podcasts and news - separate fact from fear has put together a list of some factual shows you can watch or listen to on the COVID-19 pandemic

Published: Friday, 13th March 2020 at 3:22 pm

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, with it recently declared as a 'pandemic' by the World Health Organisation (WHO), you might be wondering where the best place is to find information.


With there being so much out there, it can be hard to choose what to take in.

The NHS and Direct Gov sites might be your first port of call - and include lots of vital information.

But if you prefer something visual, or would like to listen along to the updates on your way to work, these programmes will provide you with factual news on the break out.

BBC News Special - Coronavirus


BBC News will be showing daily specials on the coronavirus outbreak on BBC One and BBC Two.

The next episode, Coronavirus: Everything You Need to Know, will air on Monday (March 6th), and the episode will be available on iPlayer at 01:00.

It's best to check the TV Guide for timings, but you can also catch up on previous episodes online. There are currently six episodes available, including Coronavirus Explained and Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Coronavirus Podcast - BBC Radio Live 5

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Don't have the time to sit down and watch a whole programme, well you can put on BBC Radio Live 5's Coronavirus Podcast and listen on your train ride or journey to work.

BBC News correspondents Fergus Walsh, James Gallagher, and Tulip Mazumdar unpack all of the information about COVID-19 in short 20 minute episodes.

So far they've released three shows, entitled: What is the coronavirus?, What is a lockdown? and Your questions answered.

ITV special: Coronavirus

corona 1

Like other networks, ITV will be giving their take on the coronavirus outbreak in a series of special episodes.

Coronavirus: What Next for Britain aired on Feb 13th and is now available to stream on the ITV Hub, and Coronavirus: What You Need to Know aired on Mar 5th, providing an update on how the public can keep safe during these times.

The synopsis reads: "The Government has announced their coronavirus battle plan warning that a fifth of the workforce could be off sick. Jonathan Maitland investigates how to keep ourselves safe."

Sky News - Coronavirus specials

Kay Burley Sky News

Sky News air two specials every day - 12.30pm and 6pm - about the current outbreak and any new developments from around the world.

CNN Health - Coronavirus: Explained 

corona 2

The network have produced short three to 10 minute long episodes on the COVID-19 pandemic, which you can watch online.

The short clips detail everything you need to know about the outbreak, how countries on lockdown are coping, and the future of the virus.

Overseas coverage

With the virus spreading throughout the world, networks in the United States have upped their output on it.

On March 4, ABC premiered on ABC News Live with “COVID-19: What You Need to Know.”


And CBS News Digital has now begun to distribute more live information on its CBSN streaming service which you can watch online.


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