Carol Vorderman has opened up about her recent departure from the BBC, citing strict social media guidelines as a significant factor.


Last year, Vorderman announced she would be stepping down from her weekly BBC Radio Wales show as a result of breaching the guidelines, which enforce stricter impartiality rules for the hosts of selected "flagship programmes" like Match of the Day, Strictly Come Dancing and The Apprentice.

In a statement in November, Vorderman said: "My decision has been to continue to criticise the current UK government for what it has done to the country which I love - and I'm not prepared to stop. I was brought up to fight for what I believe in, and I will carry on.

"Consequently I have now breached the new guidelines and BBC Wales management have decided I must leave. We each must make our decisions."

In the new issue of Radio Times, Vorderman expanded on the circumstances of her departure.

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"They said, ‘Social media guidelines are such and such, you can’t say this, you’re not allowed to say that. You can’t do this. You can’t do that…’ So I tweeted out some stuff, knowing that I’d be in trouble for it. And sure enough, absolutely no conversation to be had, sacked within 24 hours.

"The BBC are the only organisation who impose what you can do when you’re not broadcasting. Your private, non-broadcast opinion is meant to be... very quiet, let’s say."

Suggesting that the BBC's leadership itself is guilty of of political bias, Vorderman said: "The people at the top of the BBC – Conservatives – are trying to restrict what people do in their private lives. It’s an absolute nonsense. You have to understand Ofcom rules when you’re on air, which I was abiding by. In fact, I had a light-entertainment show. Showbiz gossip and chat, having a laugh and playing music. Nothing taxing. I never, ever spoke about politics.

"This kind of ownership of what you’re allowed to be outside of that is absolutely about restricting the freedom of people. There’s a lot that doesn’t make the papers. It’s not just me, and it’s ironic, isn’t it, that I’m the only one that’s been sacked?"

In January 2024, Vorderman joined LBC Radio to front a new Sunday programme and says she is "absolutely loving the freedom" afforded by her new role.

"It’s wonderful. I used to listen to LBC, and James O’Brien in particular. Now [while free to express political opinions] we abide by Ofcom regulations and broadcasting rules, which apply to my show and the whole station, to say both sides of an argument. Which we do. I’m just one side of it."

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Read the full interview in the new issue of Radio Times, out Tuesday 28th May.


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