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BBC2 to tell the full story of the murder of Jo Cox in new documentary

Jo Cox: Death of an MP will gain "unique access" to the police investigation into the politician's murder, with contributions from Cox's family, eyewitnesses to her killing and people who knew the murderer Thomas Mair

Published: Wednesday, 26th April 2017 at 9:00 am

The BBC will examine the full story of the murder of MP Jo Cox in a new BBC documentary which will speak to her family and people who witnessed her death.


Jo Cox: Death of an MP tells the story of the horrific attack on 16 June 2016 and events surrounding it through the testimony of those closest to the crime – including Jo Cox's family, eyewitnesses and those who knew the murderer, Thomas Mair.

With what the BBC is describing as "unique access to West Yorkshire Police’s murder investigation", the programme will draw together for the first time all the CCTV, archive footage and evidence that was gathered by the investigating officers.

The result will be a "forensic exploration" of what the prosecutors at Mair’s trial called a "terrorist murder" airing later this summer on BBC2.

“We ask what led a man with no history of violence to brutally murder a female MP whom he had never met,” the BBC said in a statement.

"Jo Cox's political convictions and the issues she fought so passionately for were at odds with Mair’s viewpoint, which some think motivated him to murder. Who Jo Cox was and what she stood for is explored in the film through archive footage and intimate interviews with family and friends."


Speaking today at the launch of BBC2's season of summer programmes, BBC2 controller Patrick Holland told "The point of the film is to try and understand the family’s tragedy set against a story of national importance. It was a very high profile murder. That combination of the personal and the political is a really fascinating thing to explore.”


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