Barack Obama’s brother tells Good Morning Britain why he’s backing Donald Trump

Malik Obama was critical of Barack's tenure as president and said he has to make an appointment to see him


Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik says he’ll be voting against the outgoing president’s party and supporting Republican candidate Donald Trump.


Speaking to Good Morning Britain live from Kenya, he told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid “I’m my own man and I speak my mind… I decided what was best for me”.

He added some criticism of President Obama’s leadership, saying “my brother became the President and he made a lot of promises and he was riding on the promise of hope and we had a lot of excitement, we thought he would do a lot of things, but if you look at the Middle East right now it’s a mess and people are being killed all over the place, San Bernardino, over there in Florida, in France and in Brussels… all over the place.”

Malik, an aspiring politician himself, also claimed that the news of Hillary Clinton’s private emails played a part in his decision, saying: “When I sat there and I saw the announcement from the FBI director [that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be prosecuted], in my mind I just said ‘this is just a farce, something [is] really going on here that I don’t like’ and Donald Trump, he speaks from his mind, he’s straightforward, he parades his family.”

And Malik spoke about his personal relationship with his brother Barack, saying he has to make appointments to see him. “I have to book an appointment, I have to send a request… there’s some lady I go through, some person and I send a request and say I’d like to see him. So I wait and I asked to see him, I wanted to see him back in June, around the 15th and I haven’t got a response up until now.”

In a final swipe at his half-brother, Malik added: “He’s got this attitude, he’s the President of the United States, he’s made it, he’s up there. I understand, I’m just expressing my opinion.”


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