Anna Paquin realised she was the topless woman broadcast on BBC News at Ten and found the whole thing hilarious

The True Blood actress is now wondering if she'll get any royalties from the #photoboobing incident


Anna Paquin has solved the mystery of just whose bare breasts were accidentally broadcast live during the BBC’s News at Ten…


Replying to a tweet about the story in which a BBC employee was caught watching something rather NSFW, Anna tweeted: “MY BREASTS!! SO FUNNY ON SO MANY LEVELS” before saying it was “some of the funniest s**t I’ve seen in a while”.

The scene in question was taken from True Blood, in which Anna plays Sookie Steakhouse, and could be seen playing in the background as presenter Sophie Raworth began talking about England’s recent success against South Africa in the cricket.

At the time, a BBC spokesperson said: “We are establishing the facts and circumstances.” although Anna tweeted her own rather matter of fact response to this:

Anna also tweeted #photoboobed and #titcoin after her fans inundated her with puns about the incident.


Although said BBC employee’s blushes have been spared a little, we wonder if they’re still going to be in trouble anyway for watching True Blood during office hours?