A South Korean broadcaster created a CGI Game of Thrones world to reveal their election results

Broadcaster SBS spliced candidates heads onto special Westeros-themed videos for some of the oddest election graphics in years


Remember when Jeremy Vine donned a Stetson, put on an American accent and shot fake cans to discuss the Lib Dems’ performance in the 2008 local elections? Well, that’s no longer the oddest bit of computer-generated political commentary to hit TV during an election, with one South Korean broadcaster reaching new heights with the coverage of their own country’s presidential contest.


Despite the election coming on the heels of a massive corruption scandal, broadcaster SBS clearly decided a bit of levity (and pop culture relevance) was needed for the final results, transforming winning liberal candidate Moon Jae-in, rival Hong Joon-Pyo and other candidates into Game of Thrones characters for a frankly astonishing video summary of the results.

And these aren’t just pictures – we’re talking moving, painstakingly edited videos of South Korean politicians riding dragons, donning the robes of House Stark and exploring the hidden corners of Westeros, all set to the series’ distinctive theme tune, and frankly the wonderfully weird creation has to be seen to be believed.


And given Game of Thrones’ massive popularity and political relevance, we’re sure that the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 will be keenly watching and planning their own similar mash-ups as the UK approaches its upcoming General Election.

We’ve given them head start with these images of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, but we really can’t wait to see Nigel Farage immortalised as a White Walker.


Seven Hells, Plaid Cymru will at least try to PhotoShop Leanne Wood onto a dragon, right?


Game of Thrones returns to Sky Atlantic on Monday 17th July