5 of the best TV and film newsreaders

Stay classy newsreaders

Susanna Reid and the new Good Morning Britain team were up and at ’em this morning for the first run of the new ITV breakfast show.


There was a nice big shiny desk, there were smiley happy news reporters, there was One Direction news and a Paul O’Grady interview. It was enough to make you late for work. Well, that was my excuse anyway.

But while GMB set out to dazzle us, we want to celebrate our favourite fictional newsreaders who read the made up news…

Ron Burgundy – Anchorman

Salon-quality hair, a sharp suit and a habit of swearing, saying completely the wrong news and drinking and smoking when the cameras are rolling. It’s Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy. What’s not to love?

Robin Scherbatsky – How I Met Your Mother

On the news so early none of her friends have even seen her, Robin gets all the big scoops, like, er…

Well, anyway. She manages to be sick live on air and continue to the weather. What a pro.

Mike Pomeroy – Morning Glory

An award-winning broadcaster chucked into fluffy breakfast TV sees Harrison Ford as Mike Pomeroy at his grumpy best. The words ‘sexual offender’ left under a former president’s name, jokes about hurricanes and about six ‘goodbyes’. Seamless news reporting.

Bruce Nolan – Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey here as newsreader Bruce Nolan, desperate for a spot behind the desk and basically getting himself fired live on air. Journalism gone so wrong, it’s hilariously right.

Hector Madden – The Hour 

It’s like James Bond reading the news. Dominic West as Hector Madden is slick, slick and a bit more slick.