W1A ends tonight – boo! – but the good news is there will almost certainly be more next year.


The BBC has not formally commissioned a new run of the comedy which satirises the Corporation itself and stars Hugh Bonneville, Sarah Parish, and recent Bafta winners Jessica Hynes and Jason Watkins.

But the comedy’s writer Jon Morton tells RadioTimes.com he has high hopes for another series – hopefully airing next spring and bringing back some of our favourite characters including Bonneville's hapless head of BBC values Ian Fletcher and Hynes' motormouth PR Siobhan Sharpe.

Next year will, of course, be a crucial year for the BBC as it is the time the Corporation will be fighting hardest to secure its future funding with a new Royal Charter.

“It will put pressure on our characters in the fictional world which will be helpful,” says Morton. "2016 will be the time of charter renewal and what the BBC is for and how it is funded will be part of the national conversation and it would be good to be a very small part of that conversation.

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“The show will never take a position, but W1A is written from a place where I certainly hope things turn out OK for the BBC. I think most people think about the BBC how you do about your parents. You don’t choose them and they may drive you mad occasionally, but you would be devastated if they weren’t there.”

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The comedy's executive producer, Jon Plowman, added: "When we did Twenty Twelve there was the ticking clock of the Olympics but with this the ticking clock is charter renewal. It would be good if this went as far as the BBC continuing or not."

But would Hugh Bonneville’s fictional BBC head of values Ian Fletcher ever consider working anywhere else?

The actor tells RadioTimes.com that he would love to see his character take a new job one day… in the army.

I wonder what Siobhan would make of that?


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