Upcoming Dave/UKTV comedy We Are Not Alone is set to land on our screens in the near future.


The feature-length special features a mighty cast including The Inbetweeners star Joe Thomas, and is set six weeks into alien race the Gu'uns invasion of Earth.

And now, we finally know what they look like as RadioTimes.com can reveal two exclusive first-look images. The first (above) features Declan Baxter as hapless Clitheroe resident Stewart, the aliens' human liaison.

He works for Vicki Pepperdine's Trater, Mike Wozniak's Gordan and Thomas's Greggs, all of whom are sporting bright blue locks, pale skin and extra frown-y foreheads.

A second picture was also released, this time featuring the Anti-Alien Alliance which Stewart is secretly aiding. Among its ranks are Amanda Abbington's Greives, Bruce Mackinnon's Wade and Stewart's crush Elodie, played by Georgia May Foote.

The cast of We Are Not Alone.

Speaking of the series, Thomas said: "It's got a really good script. It's got a really good cast. It's got a really good director. It's just built up really carefully. It's got that Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead kind of energy to it."

Larry Rickard, who wrote the series and whose previous credits include Horrible Histories, Yonderland and Ghosts, added: "There's something fun in the fact our story starts where alien films normally end.

"Usually, aliens have tried to invade and we have found a way of fighting them off. But our story begins with, 'OK, they have won. None of our attempts to stop them in any way succeeded.'

"The aliens are going, 'OK, we now run this place.' Rather than it being about Earth trying to fight off the aliens, this is about the aliens going, 'We are now in charge.' And it turns out that it's a nightmare."

Hopefully we don't have much longer to wait before the nightmare finds its way to our screens.

We Are Not Alone will air on Dave and UKTV Play in 2022. Check out more of our Comedy coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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