W1A is filming at the BBC again and it’s causing complete chaos

The BBC2 comedy series is turning BBC Broadcasting House into a farce


W1A, that bastion of British Broadcasting Corporation blundering, has begun filming series three.


The BBC2 comedy has returned to Broadcasting House (the BBC’s London headquarters) recording scenes for the new episodes, causing chaos for the actual BBC staff who actually work there.

But if you think all this means a few more stray Brompton Bikes lying around the place, think again. BBC journalist James McConkey has tweeted a picture showing just how ridiculous W1A filming can be.

Which begs the obvious question…

Because BBC.

As Corporation staff are quick to point out, plastering the wrong floor numbers all across the building is hardly the most W1A thing the BBC has done in its long and occasionally illustrious history.


The third series of W1A, starring Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes, will return later this year with six new episodes.