COVID-19 has wrecked Cathy and Colin's plans for a Christmas in Dubai, so our favourite Scottish sitcom, Two Doors Down, about the nightmares next door is having a staycation and its festive special is set at a lodge in the Highlands.


The "love thy neighbour despite their faults" narrative is a staple of sitcoms the world over but Two Doors Down is a superior construction, with the quality of writing and acting elevating it above your usual nosey neighbours scenario.

This Christmas Cathy (Doon Mackichan) and Colin (Jonathan Watson) have hired a luxury lodge in the Highlands and have invited Beth, Eric, Christine, Ian and Gordon along for the "bit between Christmas and New Year".

With more than a hint of Abigail's Party and a generous pour of The Royle Family and even a pinch of Keeping Up Appearances, Two Doors Down is the kind of neighbourhood you'd dread to live in but are quite happy to part the curtains to watch.

When is the Two Doors Down Christmas special on TV?

The Two Doors Down Christmas special is actually being aired after the day itself, on Monday 28th December at 9pm on BBC Two.

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Two Doors Down Christmas special cast

All our favourite Two Door Down characters are journeying up from the suburbs of Glasgow to the Highlands for the bit between Christmas and New Year, guests of Cathy (Doon Mackichan) and Colin (Jonathan Watson) who are never ones to not flaunt their wealth in the faces of their neighbours.

Joining the couple will be Beth, played by The Fast Show star Arabella Weir, her husband Eric, played by Taggart star Alex Norton, while Christine is up for the trip, with Scottish comedy icon Elaine C Smith back in the role, and son Ian is once again played by Jamie Quinn with Kieran Hodgson back as his boyfriend Gordon.

Two Doors Down Christmas special plot

You'd think fresh air, beautiful views, scenic walks and the holiday spirit might change the disposition of the neighbours. But where's the fun in that! COVID-19 has destroyed Cathy and Colin's planned holiday in the sun in Dubai so they've rented a luxury lodge in the Highlands and invited their neighbours along.

It may be a change of location but not in Cathy’s behaviour. Let’s just say it isn’t a case of goodwill to all men when she starts the celebrations a little bit early and guests Beth, Eric, Christine, Ian and Gordon have to contend with her rapidly declining hospitality and withering barbs.

With the usual mix of fond memories and fierce rivalries, this Christmas special fizzes with one-liners. Will the neighbours make it through to the morning or will things spiral out of control?

Is there a trailer for the Two Doors Down Christmas special?

There is no trailer for the Two Doors Down Christmas special yet, but we will upload it as soon as it's launched.

How to watch Two Doors Down seasons 1-4

Great news if you want to catch up on Two Doors Down or watch previous series again: all four series are available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.

That's 26 episodes in total, stretching back to the pilot episode in 2013, as well as series one (2016), series two (2016), series three (2018) and series four (2019).

Despite the pandemic, series five was filmed this summer and will screen some time in 2021.

Shane Allen, Controller of BBC Comedy Commissioning, said of series five: "The audience popularity across BBC Two and iPlayer has led to huge affection for a show that now rubs shoulders with The Royle Family and Gavin & Stacey as a firm and long-lasting sitcom favourite. The writing is so precise, the characters burst with comic vitality and the performances are a masterclass in comedy delivery. Poor Eric, what fresh hell is he in for?"


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