Tom Hollander on churchgoers’ positive reaction to Rev

The BBC2 comedy star also explains his new-found interest in religion

Tom Hollander has described the positive reaction he’s received from churchgoers since starring in BBC2 comedy Rev.


The 44-year-old actor told Radio Times that people he’s met in church “have said ‘thank you for making
us look normal’. Because they’re used to being treated as weirdos. The
moment they start talking about faith or a belief in God, people start
to behave as if they have got the plague.”

He also spoke of his own growing interest in religion since beginning to research for the show.

“It began mostly to check if I was getting it right but then I was doing it so often it became a habit,” he said, adding, “Since we stopped shooting I look forward to poking my nose in without it being work.”

Hollander stops short of saying he’s found faith because of the show. “I believe in the idea of God now. Since doing Rev I believe in the idea of what God represents, but I can’t say anything more concrete than that.”


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