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The Simpsons update their Donald Trump prediction in new episode

After predicting President Trump 16 years ago, those yella fellas are feeling blue

Published: Monday, 14th November 2016 at 11:21 am

As every internet commenter and his bouncing dog has doubtlessly already informed you, there was only one place that saw the arrival of President Donald Trump coming – The Simpsons, which included a gag about “president Trump’ in a future-set 2000 episode (though the picture above is actually from a 2015 clip, fact fans).


Since Trump's win various websites (including this one) have pored over the disquieting prediction as well as the myriad other things The Simpsons have correctly forecast over the years (which is quite spooky really), and now the show itself has officially acknowledged the coincidence in a new clip for an upcoming episode.

In the footage, a new blackboard gag is shown where Bart Simpson continually writes “Being Right Sucks,” before tearing out of detention to presumably write lots of tweets about appealing to Rust Belt conservatives.

Speaking about the prediction, Trump-joke episode Bart to the Future’s writer Dan Greaney previously said: "I am tickled we are getting all this attention, but I don't think it's going to trigger this well-awaited re-evaluation of my episode that I was hoping for!

"The Simpsons has always kind of embraced the over-the-top side of American culture... and [Trump] is just the fulfilment of that."

Or, arguably, the Simpsons has been on for SO LONG and made SO MANY episodes about different things that it will inevitably come up with some things that are true.

Anyway, the new clip is certainly a nice little nod to the pop culture moment we’re all living through, and hopefully the warm glow of amusement we feel now won’t be outdone by the rising impact of climate change after President Trump pulls out of the Paris agreement following his inauguration.


Of course, The Simpsons will keep on going regardless.


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