The Simpsons takes on Donald Trump in hilarious new clip

How would President Trump handle an advancing Chinese fleet? Just build another wall, of course


The Simpsons is no stranger to satire. In the 25+ years the show has aired, it’s taken on issues including homophobia, immigration, gun control and the environment. Now, it’s tackling it’s biggest, orangest target yet – US presidential candidate Donald Trump.


In the new clip 3am, Marge and Homer watch a political ad detailing how Trump would handle a national security emergency in the middle of the night.

And it’s not too flattering.

Among other things, the video shows Trump tweeting insults from his bed, ignoring calls from the White House Situation Room, ordering another giant wall (to be built in the sea) and demanding that his name be added to the Lincoln Memorial. Oh, and he’s getting a spray tan.


Watch the full clip below, and finally get an answer to why he has that hair…