The Royle Family is a sitcom about an argumentative working class family in Manchester that takes place almost entirely in their front room. They bicker harmlessly, sit, and watch TV. Tonally the show combines humour and big laughs with a more tragi-comic aspect.


Where can I watch The Royle Family?

The Royle Family is available on Netflix and is purchasable on DVD.

How many seasons of The Royle Family are there?

There are three complete series, the first was six episodes long and the second and third series each consisted of seven episodes. After the show’s original run, several specials were also produced.

How many episodes of The Royle Family are there?

In total, there are 25 episodes, including six Christmas specials and one autumn special, The Queen of Sheba, in which a beloved character passes away. There were also two charity sketches, for Children in Need in 2008 and Comic Relief in 2009.

When did The Royle Family start? When was it on?

The Royle Family originally ran from 1998-2000. Seasonal specials followed from 2006-2012.

What is The Royle Family about?

The Royle Family is about a sedentary, working class Manchester family. Most scenes depict them in front of the television, often arguing. Patriarch, Jim Royle, became well known for his trademark insults and comebacks. While his family move through their lives around him, he remains a constant anchor, sinking into his chair in the living room.

“The Royle Family is probably the nearest mainstream television will ever get to the work of Samuel Beckett,” proposed The Guardian’s Desmond Christy in 1999. “Is something about to happen, you wonder, or are we going to see the family rituals played out until somebody dies?”

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Where is The Royle Family set?

The sitcom is set largely in the Royle’s front room, in their small Manchester council house. The programmes on their television are used cleverly to indicate the passage of time in the room which, otherwise, changes very little.

Where was The Royle Family filmed?

The Royle Family was shot at Granada Studios in Manchester.

Who is in the cast of The Royle Family?

Ricky Tomlinson stars as the series’ most iconic character, Jim Royle. Jim came 11th in Channel 4’s rankings of the 100 Greatest TV Characters. Sue Johnston plays his wife Barbara. Their children Denise and Anthony are played by Caroline Aherne and Ralf Little. Craig Cash is their son in law Dave and Liz Smith plays Nana.


Who wrote The Royle Family?

Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash not only starred in the Royle Family, as couple Denise and Dave, but also wrote it together, with the help of Henry Normal, Carmel Morgan and Phil Mealey.