What if embarrassment could be embodied in a character? A character so cringe inducing that you’d wince at the mere sight of him? Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant managed just that with the birth of David Brent, the lead character from the BBC comedy The Office.


Where to watch The Office UK?

The two series and its excellent two-part Christmas special are available on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, or NOW TV.

You can also pick up the full DVD box set.

What is The Office UK about?

In The Office, Brent, played by Ricky Gervais, is the boss at a paper merchant in Slough. It is an office like any other – printers that don’t work, over worked coffee machines and a manager who's prone to awkward office banter.

If it’s not the lip-biting and grunting dance routines or the ham-fisted attempts at inclusivity then Brent’s plethora of in-poor-taste rock songs (see: 'Equality Street') will leave you wondering whether to laugh or cry.

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All this cringe makes for one of the most hilarious comedies ever to grace the airwaves, leading to the release of an equally successful US remake starring Steve Carell as well as various other international adaptations.

Who's in the cast of the UK The Office?

The Office features Ricky Gervais of Meet Ricky Gervais as David Brent and Sherlock's Martin Freeman as Tim Canterbury.

Stirling Gallacher, from Little Britain and Coronation Street, stars as Jennifer Taylor-Clarke, whilst Stacey Roca, who has more recently bagged a role in Netflix's Mindhunter, plays Rachel.

Other cast members include Elizabeth Berrington as Anne, Lucy Davis as Dawn Tinsley, Mackenzie Crook as Gareth Keenan, Oliver Chris as Ricky Howard, Ralph Ineson as Chris Finch and Patrick Baladi as Neil Godwin.

How many seasons was The Office?

The series has two series plus a two-part Christmas special.

Where was The Office filmed?

The Office was filmed at Teddington Studios, Richmond upon Thames.


Where is The Office set?

The series is set in an office (duh) in Slough.