All six episodes of Sky sitcom The Lovers are available to stream now, and at half-an-hour per episode, it makes for a quick binge watch.


This first season introduces us to Seamus and Janet, two completely different people who become attracted to one another, and with many fans already having made it to the end of the run, thoughts turn to a potential second outing.

So, what are the chances of a season 2 arriving on Sky, when would it be released and who from the cast would return to star?

Read on for everything you need to know about the potential for a second season of The Lovers.

*Warning - contains full spoilers for all six episodes of The Lovers season 1*

Will there be The Lovers season 2?

Janet (Roisin Gallagher) and Seamus (Johnny Flynn) in The Lovers sat next to each other in a church
Janet (Roisin Gallagher) and Seamus (Johnny Flynn) in The Lovers. Sky UK

At the moment, we have yet to hear anything regarding the future of The Lovers beyond season 1, and based on the end of the finale we would say it could go either way.

In many ways, the finale wrapped up the show's central storyline, with Seamus leaving behind his life as a political broadcaster and choosing to start out on a real relationship with Janet.

However, one final moment perhaps hints at more to come - when Philip and the rest of the team at the supermarket get a news notification to say that Janet's past has been unearthed, now that she is linked with Seamus.

Could this revelation perhaps form the backdrop of a second season yet to come? For now, we will have to wait and see, but we will keep this page updated as soon as anything is announced regarding the show's future.

When would The Lovers season 2 be released?

Janet (Roisin Gallagher) and Seamus (Johnny Flynn) in The Lovers walking together smiling
Janet (Roisin Gallagher) and Seamus (Johnny Flynn) in The Lovers. Sky

If The Lovers were to return for a second season, then we'd imagine it could be turned around fairly quickly, depending on the availability of the cast. It is not a show with a huge amount of special effects or globe-trotting, despite its story being set in both the UK and Ireland.

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Therefore, we'd imagine that, should the show be renewed soon, a second season could potentially reach us in mid to late 2024.

We will keep this page updated if and when we get any further news.

The Lovers cast: Who would be back for season 2?

Jenn Murray as Gemma, Conleth Hill as Philip and Martin Quinn as Jason in The Lovers
Jenn Murray as Gemma, Conleth Hill as Philip and Martin Quinn as Jason in The Lovers. Sky UK

If The Lovers were to return then we could certainly expect both Roisin Gallagher and Johnny Flynn to be back as the central duo. However, when it comes to the rest of the cast, things are more uncertain.

It seems likely that Conleth Hill, Jenn Murray and Martin Quinn would be back as Janet's colleagues at the supermarket - particularly given that, when speaking with, Flynn previously said that he felt "some of the funniest stuff" in the show includes the scenes with "Janet in the supermarket and the group of people that work there with her".

However, Alice Eve's return as Frankie looks less likely, after she and Seamus broke up. It also seems like we might have seen the last of Simon Paisley Day's Tim and Evelyn Miller's Ndidi, after Seamus seemingly left his life of political broadcasting behind.

For now, here's a list of the central cast and characters we would expect to make a return for The Lovers season 2:

  • Roisin Gallagher as Janet Dunlop
  • Johnny Flynn as Seamus O'Hannigan
  • Conleth Hill as Philip
  • Jenn Murray as Gemma
  • Martin Quinn as Jason

Is there a trailer for The Lovers season 2?

There isn't a trailer available for a second season of The Lovers yet, but if any new footage is released we'll post it right here. For now you can rewatch the trailer for season 1 below.

The Lovers is available to stream in full on Sky, while new episodes air on Thursdays – sign up for Sky TV here or stream on NOW.

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