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The cast of Girls to appear in The Simpsons

Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet and Allison Williams will join Lena Dunham in the upcoming series 27 premiere logo
Published: Thursday, 16th April 2015 at 10:40 am

If you ever wondered what the cast of Girls (Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet and Allison Williams, l-r main image) would look like if they joined the Simpsons, you'd best keep on wondering – because although an image has been released of their upcoming appearance we have no idea which one’s which.


I mean, the one in the middle looks a little like Zosia Mamet – but who’s the redhead on the left? Surely Jemima Kirke – but then she looks a little like the middle one too. Does Allison Williams look like any of them?

Still, in fairness to the production team the characters might not be supposed to look particularly like the HBO series stars – after all, they’re joining fellow cast member Lena Dunham in the episode when it airs this autumn, and she doesn’t much resemble her yellow avatar either.

In the episode (called Every Man's Dream), Dunham plays a young chemist called Candace, a new squeeze of Homer’s who he takes up with after Marge files for divorce – and her Girls cast mates are the friends who don’t understand what she sees in the Simpsons patriarch.

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"We're having a Girls reunion, even though Girls is still on the air," Simpsons producer Al Jean told EntertainmentWeekly. "They're asking her the question that anybody normally would: 'Why Homer?' — fulfilling the role that Patty and Selma have played on the show all these years."


All in all, it sounds like a fun crossover the likes of which we’ll hopefully see again from HBO. I mean, how much would you love to see Homer screwing everything up in Game of Thrones? It’s just waiting to happen.


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