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The Big Bang Theory is getting a Lego makeover

The proposal for a new Lego set re-creates Sheldon and Leonard's living room and comes with miniature versions of the whole gang including a DNA strand... logo
Published: Sunday, 9th November 2014 at 10:50 am

Even Sheldon would crack a smile at this news. The Big Bang Theory is getting the Lego treatment.


Yes, there'll be mini-versions of Howard (complete with NES belt buckle), Penny, Raj (with his dog Cinnamon), Amy, Bernadette, and, of course, Sheldon and Leonard.

The concept was first launched on the Lego Ideas website which has previously hosted successful campaigns for Back to the Future and Ghostbusters sets. The initiative encourages fans to post their own models with the guarantee that any projects earning over 10,000 supporters will be granted an official review by Lego themselves.

Two Big Bang Theory fans – Alatariel Elensar and Glen Bricker – are responsible for the latest green-lit project, with a set proposal that also includes the living room the gang spend all their time in, plus Sheldon's whiteboard, a Rubik's Cube tissue box, DNA strand and a Lego Death Star (Sheldon stays up all night building it in series five)

A statement has been released by Lego, confirming the commission and calling the set: "a true match made in scientific heaven (well, actually in acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), because the brilliant characters in this popular American TV show appreciate Lego bricks, and Lego Ideas members Alatariel and collaborator GlenBricker (plus their 10,000 supporters) love both Lego bricks AND The Big Bang Theory show!"

Lego are still working on the final product design so the Big Bang Theory set we see may be little different from the proposal, but we're hoping it'll still include the best bits (we want to see a Lego DNA strand).

So, maybe instead of spending all night building Death Star Lego, Sheldon will soon be creating a plastic brick version of his own life...?

And in very timely news following last night's finale, two Doctor Who sets also got over 10,000 votes. Lego said it was still considering the idea, and an announcement will come at a later date.


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