Still Friends? Jennifer Aniston on where Ross and Rachel are today

Would the characters still be together? And what about their daughter Emma?


Friends star Jennifer Aniston has given her verdict on whether Ross and Rachel would still be together today, 15 years after the iconic sitcom ended. 


When we last saw the on-again-off-again-couple played by Aniston and David Schwimmer in the season ten finale, Ross had just confessed his feelings for Rachel and they had decided to resume their romance.

On whether the famous lovebirds are still going strong, Aniston was unequivocal, confirming: “Yes, absolutely.” 

During the series, which ran from 1994 to 2004, Ross and Rachel had a baby together, Emma, who would have just turned 17 by now.

“Emma’s grown up,” Aniston told NBC. “She’s in high school.”

Aniston’s Murder Mystery co-star Adam Sandler jokingly added: “She’s vaping in high school and you’re just looking another way.”

Baby Emma was played by twins Cali and Noelle Sheldon, here’s a photo of what they look like now.


Beware, it will make you feel very old.