Simpsons producer shares scenes from the Prince episode that never was

Al Jean tweeted pages of the script for a story about the Purple One playing Springfield


Although he did make a short-lived appearance in Halloween episode Treehouse of Horror XIX, you might say Prince is one of the glaring omissions from the ranks of stars who’ve been immortalised in their own episode of The Simpsons.


It’s not for a lack of enthusiasm from the show’s producers though, who had a script centred around the Purple One ready to go for seasons four or five. Apparently Prince wasn’t completely happy with the story, and it stalled and in the end was never made.

So, following the music icon’s tragic death this week, it’s interesting to get a glimpse of a couple of pages from the original script, as tweeted by Simpsons exec producer and showrunner Al Jean.

The first scene sees Lisa – against the odds – getting through to the box office phone line to purchase tickets for a Prince gig in Springfield. Unfortunately, the guy at the other end of the line is not exactly in a hurry and a spider manages to shatter Lisa’s dream…


And here, Prince discovers that Marge’s sister Selma is a superfan…