Ricky Gervais plans to auction off Derek memorabilia

The comedian will sell off the robot dog and Kev’s revolting painting after the Christmas special of the Channel 4 comedy

Fancy owning a bit of TV history?


You’re in luck if so: Ricky Gervais has squirrelled away a few of the props from his comedy Derek – which comes to a conclusion with a one-off special later this month – and he plans to auction them off for a charitable cause.

“I always steal a few props – I say steal, but I own them,” he tells RadioTimes.com. “I have taken the piano from the care home and I have got Derek’s cardigan.

Gervais has not yet decided what will be available to buy – or what the charitable cause will be yet – but he has been mulling it over.

“There is the robot dog Kev made and the painting he did – his horrific painting in which he paints the truth.  I have got a jigsaw as well. I will eventually sell them but I want to look at them for a little while…”

Not everything will be for sale. “I think I will keep his cardigan forever or until Derek comes back.”

In fact, two items definitely will not be lots: Derek’s grubby tracksuit bottom and trainers. That’s because they are the actor’s own.

“Here’s a thing, Derek’s tracksuit bottoms and trainers are mine. That’s how much he is me. As well as that I love wrestling my friends to the ground. And I love animals. And I like shuffling round and talking rubbish.”


The last episode of Derek airs on December 22nd, 10pm on Channel 4