Orange Is the New Black: Taylor Schilling and Piper Kerman on jumpsuits, nude scenes and comedy

"If you want to write a memoir about your biggest mistake, you have to put yourself out there and be willing to talk about embarrassing things and tough topics"


Following the highly-publicised releases of original series House of Cards, Hemlock Grove and, of course, Arrested Development, the latest show to be wheeled off the Netflix production line is Orange is the New Black.


Starring Jason Biggs and Taylor Schilling, this is a comedy with a twist. Set in a prison and based on the memoirs of Piper Kerman who spent fifteen months in prison for money laundering and drug trafficking, the series follows Schilling as Piper Chapman – a glamorous New Yorker whose decade-old relationship with drug-runner Alex lands her a year-long sentence.

Trading her comfortable Brooklyn life and doting fiancé Larry (played by Biggs) for a garish orange uniform and dorm of eccentric inmates, Piper finds herself dealing with all manner of unlikely situations – a format Netflix are clearly delighted with, commissioning a second season before the first had even aired. caught up with Taylor Schilling and Piper Kerman to hear all about real-life in a jumpsuit, filming nude scenes, finding humour in prison and what to expect from series two.


Orange is the New Black is available to watch on Netflix from Thursday 11 July