It's the longest running UK sitcom currently on air and fans of Not Going Out don't have to bid farewell to the Lee Mack series just yet as it's been renewed for six more episodes.


The renewal announcement comes after fans were left wondering if it really was the end of the road for the popular show, as the series celebrated 100 episodes with its Christmas special last year.

Well, season 14 is a go and will be coming to BBC One and iPlayer in 2025.

Mack said: "Once again I'm very grateful that the BBC have trusted in us to keep alive the studio sitcom. I grew up watching this genre of sitcom on the BBC, and to be part of it myself is still a dream come true, even after 18 years of doing it. Here we go again..!"

First airing in 2006, the series has switched up its setting and casting over the years but the momentous 100th episode saw Lee Mack and Sally Bretton at the helm once again as Lee and Lucy, who invited a lonely pensioner from the nearby care home to join them for Christmas dinner.

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To say things ended badly would be an understatement, so we can only wait to see what kind of hilarity is in store for season 14.

Sally Bretton as Lucy and Lee Mack as Lee in Not Going Out. They are standing behind a table, which has been set for dinner with two wine glasses and plates. Lucy is wearing an apron and smiling, while Lee is dressed shabbily and looking bemused.
Sally Bretton as Lucy and Lee Mack as Lee in Not Going Out. BBC/Avalon/Mark Johnson

As well as being led by Mack and Bretton, who was most recently seen in the latest season of Beyond Paradise, further regulars include Hugh Dennis as Toby, Abigail Cruttenden as Anna, Deborah Grant as Wendy and Geoffrey Whitehead as Geoffrey.

On the renewal announcement, Director of Comedy at the BBC Jon Petrie said: "Not Going Out remains one of the UK's most cherished sitcoms, a true testament to the exceptional comedic talents of Lee and his team. The show's consistent success and popularity speak volumes, and we are beyond chuffed about its return."

The good news about the future of the series comes after Mack admitted that conversations about Not Going Out's future instalments were "ongoing" in December 2023.

Speaking at a screening of the Christmas episode, the Would I Lie to You? favourite said: "I'm not sure about another 100 [episodes], but discussions are ongoing now and we will be back with you shortly with some more information, one way or the other!"

He continued: ‌"We're talking about it now. I'd love to do more, I love doing it, it's great fun, I love the cast but [...] it's not always my decision, these things. I just wait for someone to say, 'There's a bag of money, get on with it.'"

Watch Mack talk to at last year's National Television Awards about the future of Not Going Out:

Not Going Out is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.


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