Murder in Successville series 3 goes back in time for Victorian-themed special with Martin Kemp

The Spandau ballet bassist is transported back to the 1800s to find Rita Ora's killer in the most bizarre episode yet


The latest series of BBC3’s Murder In Successville got off to a cracking start last week as the comic detective duo of lead Tom Davis and Pointless presenter Richard Osman solved the murder of eccentric gallery owner Bjork.

This week, the show can add ‘period drama’ to its long list of sub-genres, as it transports its innovative blend of reality TV, improv comedy and murder mystery to Victorian times, with Spandau Ballet bassist and former EastEnder Martin Kemp filling the role of hapless celeb/assistant to Davis’ DI Sleet.


Successville is hardly The Last Of The Summer Wine at the best of times, but this is perhaps the strangest episode yet, featuring a particularly convincing impression of UFC fighter Conor McGregor and some typically off-colour and hilarious gags in a brothel run by Paloma Faith.

Tune in to see if Kemp can keep a straight face during a screaming battle between Mcgregor and Davis, who sports an impressive set of mutton chops throughout the episode.


Murder in Ye Olde Successville is available on BBC3 and BBC iPlayer now