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Murder in Successville series 3: meet the celebrities

Richard Osman, Professor Green, Lorraine Kelly, Martin Kemp and Reggie Yates join BBC3's cop comedy improv series

Published: Wednesday, 26th April 2017 at 1:00 pm

DI Sleet is back on the beat for BBC3, with Murder in Successville series three beginning Wednesday 19 April.


Each episode of the BBC3 comedy series features Sleet (played by Tom Davies) investigate a murder in the crime and celebrity-ridden town of Successville.

The twist is, every week he's joined by a new celebrity sidekick, who has never seen the script and has no idea what's going on.

Who are the brave/foolish celebrities joining the show this time round?

Episode 1: Richard Osman


The Pointless presenter joins Sleet to investigate a dastardly art heist and murder in 'The Brass Gnome'. Singer Bjork has been killed, and Osman's investigation takes him undercover, posing as a statue in Hilary Clinton's art class. As you do.

Episode 2: Martin Kemp


Travel back in time with Spandau Ballet bassist, EastEnders star and Let It Shine judge Martin Kemp. Episode two is called 'A Murder in Ye Olde Successville', and as you can probably tell by the title and mutton chops the series is setting its latest murder in Victorian Successville. Rita Ora is dead, and it's up to Kemp to discover who has been stalking her down dark cobbled alleys. And you thought Sherlock's Victorian episode was a bit weird...

Episode 3: Lorraine Kelly


ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly leaves the smiles and safety of daytime TV far behind to investigate the bizarre murder of reporter Harry Hill. The body has been found covered in radiation burns and surrounded by what look like a monster's footprints...

Episode 4: Reggie Yates


Reggie Yates has made BBC3 his home, with a series of insightful current affairs documentaries. So, naturally, it's time he mucked in and tried to solve the channel's alarming murder rate. Yates and Sleet are going undercover at a stag do alongside detective Noel Edmonds – but when they find him dead in his bedroom, the case takes a very weird turn.

Episode 5: Professor Green


Another go-to BBC3 presenter, rapper and now-filmmaker Professor Green is the final celeb to join the force this series

He is tasked with trying to hunt down a Successville supervillain known only as The Termite, who has killed police commissioner Bear Grylls. No celebrity, fictional or otherwise, is safe.


Murder in Successville series three begins Wednesday 19 April on BBC3


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