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Motherland star gives update on season 4: 'It's in the ether'

Tanya Moodie says they're "trying to figure out if there’s any more".

Tanya Moodie
Published: Monday, 10th January 2022 at 12:27 pm

Tanya Moodie has issued an update on the fourth season of hit sitcom Motherland – revealing that the next run is currently "in the ether".


In an exclusive interview, Moodie – who plays Meg on the series – told "Well, we’re trying to figure out if there’s any more Motherland. That’s sort of in the ether. But we don’t know how or when."

The third season of the show concluded last June to more rave reviews, but a further run has not been confirmed by the BBC and we are still awaiting official updates.

Moodie is about to start filming a role in Sam Mendes' new film Empire of Light – a love story which stars Olivia Colman and Colin Firth – but before that, viewers can see her in the current season of A Discovery of Witches, which filmed in the height of the pandemic.

Speaking about the process of pandemic production, Moodie explained: "I think this year in particular, if I want to single out this year, I think having to work under the circumstances of the pandemic – what I really appreciated was how all of us worked very, very hard to keep everyone safe. And so we sort of got into this rhythm of how to be in a bubble.

"I think the way we sort of revealed ourselves through that, it deepens my admiration for everybody. It just really makes your heart kind of swell, how hard everyone was working to tell the story, get it filmed, and keep everyone safe."

She added: "I’ll tell you what – you didn’t half want to hug everyone when you saw them. You’re really like, 'I just want to give you a hug.' We were all going through this thing. You know, the whole world was going through this thing."


Additional reporting by Huw Fullerton.

Motherland seasons 1-3 are available to stream on BBC iPlayer. Looking for something else to watch? Check out the rest of our Drama coverage or take a look at our TV Guide

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