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Back was one of a "number of ideas" for Mitchell and Webb’s Peep Show follow-up

But don't expect to see the others any time soon.

David Mitchell and Robert Webb in Channel 4's Back series 2
Channel 4
Published: Thursday, 7th January 2021 at 4:20 pm

David Mitchell and Robert Webb share the screen once again this month when Channel 4's Back returns for its long-awaited second series – but the duo almost reunited for a different project altogether.


The acclaimed sitcom, in which Mitchell and Webb play feuding foster brothers attempting to wrestle control of their late father's pub, was one of several pitches created for the comedy stars as Peep Show concluded in 2015.

The job fell to writer Simon Blackwell, who penned four episodes of Peep Show, to dream up their follow-up project, as he recalled in a recent Q&A to mark the launch of Back series two.

"I was asked to come up with a number of ideas for a sitcom for David and Robert to star in post-Peep Show," he said. "I think Peep Show was still happening or there was one last series to go, so I went away and had some ideas.

"[Back] was either the best of the bunch or the only good one, I can’t remember."

Mitchell joked: "No, it was the worst one and we decided we’d do them in ascending order of quality.”

Given that Blackwell himself has no recollection of them, it seems that these alternate Mitchell and Webb sitcoms aren't destined to see the light of day, especially with focus squarely on Back for the foreseeable future.

While the second series of Back took more than three years to make it to broadcast (find out more on why Back series two was delayed here), Blackwell has revealed that he already has an idea for a potential third outing.

The trailer for series two was exclusively revealed by just before Christmas, picking up with Stephen (Mitchell) being discharged from a psychiatric institution after Andrew (Webb) pushed him over the edge.

The second series also stars Penny Downie (Downton Abbey), Louise Brealey (A Discovery of Witches), Geoffrey McGivern (Ghosts) and Anthony Head (Merlin).


Back series two premieres on Channel 4 in January. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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