Miranda series 3 finale: the Twitter reaction

Two proposals, lots of snogging, a cat in a bag, Carol Vorderman's rear of the year and a Gary cushion - here's the Twittersphere's thoughts on the end of the third series

Last night marked the end of the long-awaited third series of Miranda – and SUCH FUN it was. Miranda finally bagged Gary (Tom Ellis), the man of her dreams, a move that was met with a steady influx of delighted tweets. @Alison_MirandaH released her jubilant stream of consciousness on the Twittersphere…


Meanwhile @LiamKelsall adopted capital letters – and Penny’s catchphrase – to express his approval of the latest plot twist.

Grace Newman made a bold move by ranking the pairing above the likes of Scott and Charlene, Matthew and Mary, and even Ross and Rachel…

But unfortunately @CrazieAmmy lived up to her moniker by spouting eccentric nicknames for the new couple. No, just no. 

That is a nice set of photos she’s got there, though.

But when Miranda’s ex-boyfriend Mike (played by Bo Poraj) jetted in from Africa to get down on one knee the army of Gary and Miranda will-they-won’t-they purists reacted with indignation. @Jamas_harris summed up the thoughts of the Twittersphere in this concise outburst. 

And Gemma Sweet adopted a threatening tone to make a similar point. 

Meanwhile it looks like @DivergentMcFly has their fingers crossed that Bo Poraj’s character is sent packing back to Africa as soon as possible.

But to his credit, Gary finally “manned up” and matched Mike’s proposal with one of his own – prompting Miranda’s mother Penny (played by Patricia Hodge) to howl “JUST SAY YES”. But to who? That was the cliffhanger Ms Hart chose to leave viewers contemplating as the credits rolled and series three came to a close. But over on the Twittersphere, the debate was just getting started as fans shared their views on who their hapless heroine should choose. The contest was, admittedly, rather one-sided…

But despite being implored to marry Gary over Mike, poor Ms Hart was also subjected to a mass of tweets begging her not to end the character’s journey on that cliffhanger. After waiting over two years for series three to come to fruition, fans were clearly worried that last night’s conundrum would never be resolved. @Wang46xd tweeted Miranda’s parody account to say:

Meanwhile Gabrielle Cundy was hit hard by the news that this was the final episode of the series – at least she found comfort in her citrus pals…

Maybe grieving fans should take up BBC Comedy’s excellent suggestion, inspired by Miranda herself…?

But for now, Yasmine Mehio perfectly sums up the reaction of the Twittersphere so we’ll leave you with her wise words…


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