Why Miranda should write a fourth series…

As the third run of the BBC sitcom comes to a close, Ellie Walker-Arnott has five reasons why Ms Hart should start working on another

Miranda’s long-awaited third series – warmly greeted by critics and telly fans alike – has been wonderfully, magnificently laugh-out-loud funny. But with Miranda Hart so in demand, and there being no official word from the BBC, rumour has it this might be the last we see of the sitcom…


But fans needn’t despair just yet. Miranda recently tweeted co-star Tom Ellis (better known as love interest Gary), who’s openly discussed the possibilty of series three being the last, saying: “Mr Ellis is not necessarily right that there will be no more show. @ are you trying to put me out of work?!”

So there is still hope. And in case she’s in need of a little persuasion, here are five reasons I think Miranda needs a fourth series…

We need cheering up.

It’s dark outside, it’s cold and some of us haven’t been paid since well before Christmas. Miranda’s Monday night fix of slapstick, silliness and “such fun” was the perfect antidote. What will we be left with now?! I mean, no offence to Lewis or Great British Menu, but they just don’t deliver the same feel good effect…

There’s not enough simple comedy on telly.

While I’m under no illusion that Miranda Hart, Patricia Hodge and co just turn up of a morning, fall over, pretend to be Heather Small and manage to make magic television in the process, there’s something so simple and straightforward about it.

Miranda might be Marmite TV and the critics among us may ask why her falling over episode after episode is so funny. But for those of us firmly in Team Miranda, I’d say “just giggle, don’t question it.”

In her own way, Miranda is as groundbreaking as HBO’s Girls.

She might be falling off gates, eating too much cake and making vegetePALS rather than taking drugs, having shotgun weddings and sleeping with her best friend’s gay housemate… But Miranda’s flavour of comedy is just as refreshing.

Although the skits are exaggerated, underneath it all, our socially challenged and romantically awkward Miranda is unashamedly, unapologetically real.

It’s just too ‘what I call’ good.

We’ve already had to wait two years for just six – albeit glorious – episodes. We need more Miranda in our lives, not less. And it’s not just me who thinks so – the ratings don’t lie. And with around seven million of us silliness seekers tuning in every Monday night, it’d be mad not to make another series. Are you listening Miranda Hart?

She can’t leave it on that cliffhanger.

If it wasn’t enough that our romantically challenged heroine got plenty of snogs AND a boyfriend this series, as the credits rolled Miranda was left with two men on bended knee and a mother screaming “say yes!”

How could Hart just leave us hanging? What will her clumsy alter ego do? It’s all well and good telling us to “bear with”, but there’s only so long we can wait to find out Miranda’s romantic fate…