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Miranda Hart explains why her sitcom had to end

"I will really miss her – she has been so very good to me" logo
Published: Tuesday, 25th November 2014 at 8:00 am

Last month Miranda revealed that the two-part Christmas special of her eponymous sitcom would be the final episode. In this week's edition of Radio Times, she answers the question her devoted fans asked: why would you end something so fabulous?


"She couldn't stay in that 'getting it wrong' place perpetually," she says. "Well, she could, that's the sitcom, but I feel it's time for her to learn a bit and grow a bit and start to like herself a bit.

"And when she knows what do, she's not funny any more. She's come into her own – and once she's come into her own, we've done her. It's over."

Miranda also admits she has mixed feelings about waving farewell to her alter ego. "I will really miss her – she has been so very good to me. But I'm terrified of not leaving on a high, plus I think in some way I've grown out of performing it."

"When I trip over, or sing, or do fruit people – I think, 'Oh come on Sitcom Miranda Person, that's a bit embarrassing now."

Read the full interview with Miranda in this week's Radio Times – out in the shops on Tuesday 25th November and available to download NOW!


The Christmas special of Miranda will air on BBC1 in December


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