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BBC1's Miranda to end with two Christmas specials

Miranda Hart calls time on the sitcom with two final half-hour episodes and suggests the character could find happiness.... logo
Published: Thursday, 23rd October 2014 at 2:27 pm

Miranda Hart is calling time on her eponymous sitcom Miranda.


The comedian has revealed that two specials due to air this Christmas will be the last ever.

Explaining her decision, Hart said she wanted the comedy – in which she plays a hapless version of herself – to "end on a high".

"As she gets older I don't want her to keep falling over and make a fool of herself, I want her to be happy," Hart said in an interview with Radio 2’s Steve Wright today. Filming on the final two episodes will take place next month.

The news is likely to disappoint fans of the comedy but they can draw some consolation from Hart's suggestion that Miranda might find happiness with the man of her dreams – chef Gary Preston played by Tom Ellis.

The comedy also stars Sarah Hadland as Miranda's friend Stevie with Sally Phillips as her ditzy schoolfriend Tilly and Patricia Hodge coining her domineering mother's famous catchphrase "such fun".

To date three series of Miranda have aired, with the first two broadcast on BBC2 before the sitcom switched to BBC1 for a third series in January 2013.

In today's interview, Hart was unable to finally confirm whether she is going to present a revival of the TV classic The Generation Game.

"There is this rumour rumbling," she told Wright. "I am thinking about an entertainment format. It is literally what it is at the moment. We are thinking about how the Generation Game may work in 2015. However, it got in the press before we knew what it is."

Earlier this year Hart denied the claim by BBC1 controller Charlotte Moore that she had signed up to the show.

At the time, Hart tweeted: “Apparently it's 100 per cent cert I am doing Gen Game. First I've heard of it. Mulling some ideas about it might be more accurate.”


Family entertainment show The Generation Game first aired in 1971 and was well known for its cuddly toy-laden conveyor belt when it was hosted by past presenters Jim Davidson and Sir Bruce Forsyth.


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