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Matt Berry is planning a fourth series of Toast of London

Can you hear our cries of joy, Clem Fandango?

Published: Wednesday, 3rd January 2018 at 11:34 am

In news sure to delight comedy fans around the UK, it’s emerged that more episodes of cult Channel 4 sitcom Toast of London are in the pipeline, with star Matt Berry revealing that he’s planning on writing even more adventures with series co-creator Arthur Matthews.


“Yeah, there will be [more],” Berry emphatically told listeners of BBC Radio 6 yesterday while appearing on Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie’s show, though added that he didn’t know when the series could be back and that he’d only started writing the stories “in his head”.

Sadly, he didn’t drop any more details on what we could expect from the fourth series –in interviews past he has hinted he’d like to see lead character Steven Toast (an eccentric and self-obsessed actor having misadventures around Soho) head to LA – but it’s certainly a more positive sign for the series than when asked Berry about the subject, when he wasn’t sure that there’d be any more at all.

"I don't know, it depends,” he said at the time. “Because it takes such a long time; it’s a year to write and then it’s the pre-production and then you’ve got to film it.

"It’s your whole year taken up with one series – six episodes – if you’re doing all those things, [if] you’re writing it and you’re in it.”

Now, it sounds like things are finally moving for the cult series, which has recently become a hit with Americans after appearing on Netflix. Though given that Steven’s old nemesis Clem Fandango (aka actor Shazad Latif) is now off travelling the galaxy in Star Trek: Discovery, he might have to shout even louder to get him to listen to him…


Toast of London can be streamed on Netflix and All4


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