Kaley Cuoco’s racy behind-the-scenes snap shows Big Bang Theory as you’ve never seen it before

Penny and Leonard, is that you?


Last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory showed us things we just can’t unsee. Namely, Penny and Leonard dressed like this…


Now before you get your fishnets in a twist, the show’s creators haven’t done away with everything we know and love – the a-dork-able relationship between the Big Bang lovebirds is still very much intact.

The pair’s bondage get-up is actually the conjuring of Sheldon’s mind as a scene from last Thursday’s episode (which is yet to air in the UK) featured him having a nightmare that Penny and Leonard had turned his old bedroom into a sex dungeon.

The pair – who dated off-screen for a number of years – saw their characters wed at the start of the current tenth series before setting up home together, with Sheldon’s imminent departure from the apartment the cause of his disturbing dream.


Although even in such a sexy setting, it looks like Leonard has still found a place to stash his specs…