Controversial Netflix comedy Insatiable renewed for season two

Star Debby Ryan tweeted "if you didn't like that, you're gonna hate this" just before season two was confirmed

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Netflix has announced teen series Insatiable will be back for a second season in 2019 – despite widespread criticism and an online petition claiming the show is “toxic”.


The comedy drama – which starred Debby Ryan as an overweight teenager taking revenge on bullies after losing weight – courted controversy even before it was released, with many accusing the show of encouraging fat-shaming.

Lead actress Ryan seemed to hint at the season two news before it was revealed, tweeting, “If you didn’t like that, you’re gonna hate this”.

Over 200,000 people signed a petition calling on Netflix to cancel the show’s release.

“This series will cause eating disorders, and perpetuate the further objectification of women’s bodies,” the petition said.

Lead actress Debby Ryan, who will return in the next season, previously responded to the criticism on social media, stating that Insatiable addresses body shaming through “satire”.

“We’re not in the business of fat shaming,” she added. “We’re out to turn a sharp eye on broken, harmful systems that equate thinness with worth.”

Viewers can expect much of the main cast to return for the second season, with Michael Provost (Brick), Irene Choi (Dixie), Kimmy Shields (Nonnie), Dallas Roberts (Bob Armstrong) and Chloe Bridges (Roxy) all appearing out of character in a short announcement video.


Insatiable will return to Netflix in 2019

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