150,000 sign petition to have Netflix’s ‘body-shaming’ drama Insatiable pulled before it’s even aired

A petition is calling on Netflix to cancel its "toxic" new drama Insatiable

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Over 150,000 people have signed a petition calling on Netflix to cancel its upcoming drama Insatiable.


The show follows a formerly ‘fat’ teenage girl (played by Debby Ryan), who loses weight and decides to wreak revenge on her former bullies. The show’s first trailer was released last week to widespread criticism.

The Change.org petition, spearheaded by organiser Florence Given, accuses Insatiable of body-shaming, citing the show’s dangerous “toxicity”.

“This series will cause eating disorders, and perpetuate the further objectification of women’s bodies,” Given wrote. “The trailer has already triggered people with eating disorders. Let’s stop this, and protect further damage.”

At the time of writing, the petition has hit its target of 150,000 signatures.

Lead actress Debby Ryan has responded to the criticism on social media, stating that Insatiable addresses body shaming through “satire”.

“We’re not in the business of fat shaming,” she added. “We’re out to turn a sharp eye on broken, harmful systems that equate thinness with worth.”

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Ryan’s co-star Alyssa Milano (who plays Coralee in the show), also took to social media to respond to the backlash.

She wrote on Twitter: “We are not shaming Patty. We are addressing (through comedy) the damage that occurs from fat shaming. I hope that clears it up.”


Insatiable premieres on Netflix on 10th August