I don’t believe it! Victor Meldrew is back… for one night only

The One Foot in the Grave actor is putting on a one-man show at Sheffield's Crucible Theatre

Believe it or not, Victor Meldrew is making a comeback. No, One Foot in the Grave is not the latest series to undergo the reboot treatment, Richard Wilson is reprising his grumpy geriatric for one night only at Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre.


The actor – who hung up Victor’s flat cap 14 years ago – is appearing in a special fundraising event in which he will perform an episode of the popular BBC1 sitcom. 

“I am bringing Victor back for a night. I am going to do 20 minutes of Victor because the guy who wrote One Foot in the Grave wrote an episode of Victor by himself and it was a brilliant episode,” he told the Mirror.

The episode in question titled The Trial and is from the fourth series of the hit comedy. The evening will also include a conversation with Wilson in which he will provide an insight into his life and the highs and lows of playing Meldrew.

The 79-year-old will perform on 23rd October to raise money for Sheffield Theatres (tickets are available here), but suggested (perhaps a little tongue in cheek) that if it does well, he could take his one-man show Stateside: “I would love to go to Vegas. Do you think I am too old to do a one man show there?”

One Foot in the Grave aired for five series between 1990-1995 before a final run was broadcast in 2000. Since then, Wilson has taken a string of TV roles in shows including Born and Bred, Merlin and, most recently, Danny and the Human Zoo – and he has no plans to stop acting any time soon.


“I am into my 80th year. I have no plans to retire… If I did I would be bored and I would get slouchy and give up.”