SPOILER ALERT! Do not read any further if you don't want to know details of the finale, including how Ted meets the mother.


Early this morning, the series finale of How I Met Your Mother aired on US television screens. After a nine-year story of main character Ted Mosby telling this kids how they meet their mother, we finally learned exactly how they meet…plus a whole lot of things we didn't expect.

We see that Ted and the Mother (who we find out is named Tracy) officially meet underneath that familiar yellow umbrella at a train platform after Barney and Robin's wedding. Then, the episode rockets through the next 20 years in the lives of the characters.

A LOT goes down in that hour-long episode. Barney and Robin get divorced. Barney has a kid with a woman he had a one-night stand with. Ted and the Mother have to delay their wedding because the mother gets pregnant with their first child. They finally get married after the birth of their second child. Oh, and…it's revealed that the mother's been dead this whole time.

The real twist, though? We end with Ted's kids telling him that it's okay if Ted goes after "Aunt Robin" because after that long, long story, they realise their dad truly loves Robin. The final scene harkens back to the pilot, with Future Ted standing outside of Robin's apartment holding up a blue French horn.

After a finale full of ups and downs, American HIMYM fans took to Twitter to express their delight, sadness and utter outrage.

Was that an April fool's prank because I believe it is @HIMYM_CBS #HIMYMFinale pic.twitter.com/ifL1WTYFF6

— Rachel (@racheezyx3) April 1, 2014

Pretty sure that How I Met Your Mother finale was guest written by George R.R. Martin.

— Kelkulus (@kelkulus) April 1, 2014

"...anyway, you're adopted." -what would have been the perfect ending to How I Met Your Mother

— Aaron Fullerton (@AaronFullerton) April 1, 2014

I mean the show is called "How I Met Your Mother" not "How I Went Back To Your Aunt Robin 20 Times" #HIMYMFinale

— gabby. (@SwiftlyTatum) April 1, 2014

Few shows make you care enough that you're sad to see them go. I will genuinely miss How I Met Your Mother. #HIMYMFinale

— Jeff Barrett (@BarrettAll) April 1, 2014

Me for the rest of the day. #PerfectEnding #HIMYMFinale pic.twitter.com/sWe1Y88Ie5

— Collins (@Laura2992) April 1, 2014

And that, kids, is the story of how I managed to infuriate my entire audience in 5 minutes #HIMYMFinale

— Anupama Dathan (@adathan) April 1, 2014

Although this is the end of the road for Ted and the gang, Bays and Thomas have confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that a short clip will appear on the Season 9 DVD extra to tie up one last unsolved mystery from the show.

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“There may be a few mysteries you think you’ve seen the last of, but there might be a little something later,” Thomas told EW. “Without giving too much away, we toyed around with creating a little video to be released sometime after the series finale to sort of pay off one last little thing.”

No word on what this last little mystery is, but it's something to look forward to now that HIMYM has officially wrapped.


New episodes from season 9 of How I Met Your Mother air on E4 at 8:30pm