Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney’s comedy Catastrophe always has a hilarious capacity to surprise.


But the pair seem to have outdone themselves in the penultimate episode of series three with a scene involving Scottish terrier Chris (Mark Bonnar) and his love rival Douglas (Douglas Hodge).

Chris decides to embark on a manly showdown with Fran's new plastic surgeon boyfriend, telling him he's less than happy with the time Douglas is spending in his house with his son and the woman who is technically still his wife.

Douglas has a choice, says Chris, a “peaceful” path or a “bad” path where he will end up having to be identified by a forensic dentist.

And the response?

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Well, Douglas clearly isn’t the mild-mannered doctor we may have taken him for and doesn't cower before the Scots hardman's little show of aggression.

Instead, Douglas takes a massive bite of his sandwich before getting close to Chris's face and saying with a mouth full of food: “Blah blah blah blah blah… Och aye the noo. What are you going to do? Bring along a little stepladder climb up on it and punch me in the tits to death?

“Oh you can save me the Braveheart shit, consider your goal achieved. Some nut job ex interrupting my chicken Caesar wrap? Fuck that noise. I was going to dump her anyway. Now I don’t even have to do that. Leave Shelley a nice tip. She’s my favourite bar tender.”

And he's off.

As you can see, the fast-talking Scot is finally lost for words.


Next week’s sixth and final episode of the series sees the late Carrie Fisher return as Rob’s mother Mia. Will her appearance, in one of the last acting roles for the Star Wars legend, match up to the magnificence of this moment?

Having seen the episode I can tell you that it is a corker and she does not disappoint...


Catastrophe series 3 concludes with the final episode next week on Tuesday 4th April at 10pm