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Good news for people who want Malcolm Tucker's views on Brexit

It sounds like Peter Capaldi's Thick of It spin-doctor is coming out of retirement...

Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It
Published: Tuesday, 10th October 2017 at 8:52 am

Malcolm Tucker fans, we would like to alert you to the following tweet...


While there's not exactly a huge amount of information there, it's hard to imagine how this could mean anything other than a return for Peter Capaldi's acerbic, sweary spin-doctor from Iannucci's cult political comedy series The Thick of It (even if the Doctor Who star hasn't quite finished his tenure in the F-word-free zone that is the Tardis).

And the mind boggles at the thought of Tucker on Brexit. You can almost feel the bile, vitriol and devastating one-liners building up and spewing forth.

Whatever this is (and here's an idea), it sounds like it's going to be fun...


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