Netflix's dramedy GLOW - short for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling - is back for another round of bouts with season two. Expect more big hair, spandex, bright lights, the works.


Executive produced by Jenji Kohan (creator of Orange is the New Black), the show was inspired by a bizarre and hilarious women's wrestling programme (also named GLOW) that became a cult hit in the US in the late 1980s.

The season one finale saw Ruth (Alison Brie), Debbie (Betty Gilpin), Sam Sylvia (Marc Maron) and the gang succeed in securing a first season of their own version of GLOW. Now season 2 will see them actually make it, and face the trials and tribulations of the TV industry in the process.

Find out all you need to know about the show's stars below.

Ruth Wilder (played by Alison Brie)


Who is Ruth Wilder?

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Despite her tenacity, Ruth's acting career is at almost a dead stop before she gets called to an ambiguous audition looking for unorthodox women, which turns out to be... well, GLOW. She was on the fringes of the show until she developed her character, Stoya the Russian, as a counterpart to Debbie's all-American hero, Liberty Bell.

Where have I seen Alison Brie before?

Brie is best known for her roles as Pete Campbell’s long-suffering wife Trudy in Mad Men, and Annie in Community. She also plays the voice of Diane in Netflix’s sardonic animation BoJack Horseman. Last year, she had a small role in James Franco's The Disaster Artist alongside real-life husband, Dave Franco.

Debbie (played by Betty Gilpin)


Who is Debbie?

Ruth’s best friend turned wrestling nemesis. It was revealed early on in season one that Ruth had slept with Debbie's husband, which caused a major rift between the two, as well as bringing Debbie's marriage to an end. She quickly became the star of the show, as USA-loving single mom Liberty Bell.

Where have I seen Betty Gilpin before?

You may have caught her brief stint as Fiona in the Lucy Liu-fronted Sherlock adaptation Elementary, or perhaps her turn as Audrey in Amazon Prime Video’s American Gods.

Sam Sylvia (played by Marc Maron)


Who does he play?

A washed-up B-movie director who takes on GLOW in order to secure finance for his latest film. At the end of season one, Sylvia discovered that his wrestler Justine, who had professed to being a devoted fan of his films, was actually his biological daughter.

Where have I seen him before?

Maron has his own sitcom, but he is best known for his excellent podcast (WTF with Marc Maron) in which he hosts deep-diving interviews with celebrities in his garage (check out an episode with co-star Alison Brie below).

Justine (played by Britt Baron)

Who is Justine?

Not who she claimed to be in season one. It was revealed at the end of the season that she is actually Sam Sylvia's biological daughter. She's just 17, and her interest in wrestling was a lie, too. As season two begins it's revealed that she's now living with Sam.

Where have I seen Britt Baron before?

She has made appearances in sci-fi series Lucifer (soon to be revived by Netflix) and Grey's Anatomy.

Sheila the She Wolf (played by Gayle Rankin)


Who is Sheila?

Sheila is as method as they come: she more or less identifies as a wolf – and like a wolf, she doesn't socialise all that well to begin with. But, after rooming up with Ruth in season one, she became more immersed in the group.

Where have I seen her before?

Originally from Scotland, Rankin moved to New York when she was 17. She featured in Noah Baumbach's 2017 comedy drama The Meyerowitz Stories alongside Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman.

Tamee (played by Kia Stevens)


Who is Tamee?

An outrageous wrestling heel (bad guy), known as “Welfare Queen”.

Where have I seen Kia Stevens before?

Stevens is a real-life lady of wrestling, who goes by the ring name of Awesome Kong or Kharma.

Melrose (played by Jackie Tohn)


Who does she play?

An entitled, sarcastic party girl who looks to get under her co-stars’ skin, but quickly turns into one of the most active members of the weird wrestling clique.

Where have I seen her before?

In 2017, she starred in Dax Shepard's film remake of CHIPS, and also appeared in America's Got Talent in the US. Since appearing in GLOW she's even made the jump over to 'real' wrestling, making a cameo in WWE.

Rhonda (played by Kate Nash)


Who does she play?

A kind, ditzy British actress who gets involved with the world of GLOW, and takes a shine to Maron’s Sam Sylvia. Her wrestling alter ego is Britannica, the smartest woman in the world, who dons a lab-coat and spectacles.

Where have I seen her before?

The pop star turned actress has been a little quiet since dropping her massive single “Foundations” in 2007 at the age of 19. Though she has popped up in a couple of indie flicks, this is her first major acting role.

Cherry Bang (played by Sydelle Noel)


Who does she play?

A former colleague of Sam Sylvia’s and a B-movie actress aspiring for more. At the end of season one, she was offered a lead role on a cop drama, which means she will be unable to partake in GLOW - but she's definitely still in the mix.

Where have I seen her before?

She made an appearance in Marvel's smash hit Black Panther, and has starred alongside Kate Mara and David Oyelowo in the 2015 thriller Captive, and as Samanda Watson in Arrow.

Sebastian “Bash” Howard (played by Chris Lowell)


Who is Bash Howard play?

A boyish wrestling fanatic who uses his family’s wealth to fund the show.

Where have I seen Chris Lowell before?

Lowell played Piz on Veronica Mars, and Kevin in George Clooney's Up In The Air.

Carmen Wade (played by Britney Young)


Who does she play?

The daughter of a professional wrestler called Goliath Jackson, and the most seasoned wrestler of the bunch.

Where have I seen her before?

This is her first major role.


GLOW season 2 is released on Netflix on Friday 29th June