It's been three years since Gavin and Stacey returned for a one-off Christmas special, pulling off the impressive feat of being the most-watched festive TV of the decade and making fans hungry for more.


While a number of the sitcom's stars have spoken about Gavin and Stacey coming back in the past, Stacey herself – Joanna Page – has become the latest to deliver an update on its return.

The Welsh actress told Loose Women this morning that she would "love to do another" Gavin and Stacey special, but had "honestly no idea" whether it would happen.

Gavin and Stacey stars Joanna Page and Melanie Walters
Joanna Page as Stacey and Melanie Walters as Gwen. BBC

"I’m just the same as everybody else because they don’t tell us!" she said. "They’ve never told us any more that they’re doing anything, so it’s only when you get a phone call and they say, ‘There’s a special, do you want to do it?’

"They don’t tell us anything and I’ve never ever asked. I’ve never said, ‘Oh Ruth [Jones], do you think you’ll do another one or is there going to be more?'

"I’m just not that sort of person. I’ve always just thought, we'll wait and see and if there is, there is and if there isn’t, there isn’t."

Page added that after filming the 2019 special, she thought that the show was bound to return. "I did think, 'There is another one, there’s got to be another one.' We’ve got to find out what Smithy says!"

To the disappointment of the comedy's fans, she went on to say that it may have been "too long" since Gavin and Stacey has been on our screens to bring it back.

"As time’s going by, I’ve started to think, 'Well maybe it’s been too long? Maybe there isn’t going to be another one,' which makes me sad because I’d love to do another one. If they do, I hope they hurry up because we’re all getting old!"

Earlier this year, Alison Steadman, who plays Pam, revealed that she wasn't sure if Gavin and Stacey would return, adding: "I doubt it'll go again."

Meanwhile, James Corden, who created the show with Ruth Jones, said in June that new episodes were a matter of "if" and not "when".

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX. Gavin & Stacey is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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