Friends co-creator David Crane has revealed which episode of the classic sitcom he thinks doesn't get enough credit.

It's an uncharacteristically tough watch, but Crane nominated season three's 'The One With The Morning After' – in which Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) break up after he sleeps with someone else – as the show's most underrated episode.

"I’m all about the emotional stuff," Crane told "I mean, I think the show is really funny, and it lets some amazing comedy happen. But for me, the episodes that I love the most are the emotional ones, and obviously the wedding and the births and all of that.

"But a particular favourite of mine is the one where Ross and Rachel break up in season three."

He continued: "It’s a more dramatic episode than a comedy, although there is a whole comedy with the side element." (While Ross and Rachel endure a lengthy break-up, the rest of the gang end up trapped in Monica's bedroom and are forced to eat a leg waxing product.)

Ross and Rachel break up in Friends
Ross and Rachel break up in Friends NBC

"But I love that. I love it. And I think the two of them [Aniston and Schwimmer] are just brilliant in it, and it’s heartbreaking.

"I don’t know if it’s under-acknowledged, but it doesn’t get quite the amount of attention that some of the big comedy episodes. And it’s good. Everyone gets to kind of step up their game."

Crane also revealed an alternate ending considered for Phoebe, that Rachel and Joey's relationship was always "doomed" and how Friends almost ended after season eight and again after season nine.

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