Fresh Meat series 4 to have a “very sexy, tension-y triangle” between Josie, JP and Kingsley

But will there be a happy ending for our star-crossed students?

If you can’t wait until later this year to find out what happens to the student gang of Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong’s Fresh Meat, then you’re in luck – one of the cast has given us a few more ideas about what we can expect from the final series (apart from the fact that we’ll all be very sad when it ends).


“There’s lots of tension between Josie and Kingsley this series,” actress Kimberley Nixon (who plays Josie) told Radio “There’s also lots of tension between her and JP. There’s lots of tension between JP and Kingsley. It’s a very tension-y, sexy triangle.”

In case you’ve forgotten, the last time we saw the students, Nixon’s Josie had just ended things with Joe Thomas’s Kingsley – but not before almost having (yet another) impulsive sexual encounter with Jack Whitehall’s JP. No wonder things are still a little awkward…

“Josie can be quite selfish in some of her acts,” Nixon went on. “She can do things without thinking, or do things to try and please people. But I think ending things with Kingsley was the kindest thing. Because she does love him, and she knew that if they carried on they’d irrevocably end things.”

Nixon also revealed that this series would see Josie get into the university badminton society (or BadSoc) “quite heavily”, and would finally get her life back on track.

She concluded: “Actually she’s in a really good place, which for me ending it was lovely. She’s not as off the rails as she was, and that’s great.”


Fresh Meat will return this autumn