Feet up? Check. Beer at the ready? Check. Dressing gown? Slippers? Check and check. Feeling like a student again? Good. You’re nicely set up for the return of JP, Vod, Kingsley, Oregon, Howard and Josie. Yup, it’s Fresh Meat series three and we couldn’t be happier to welcome back our favourite Manchester Medlock students.


Now, a few things have changed. To start with the gang are no longer freshers, and Josie’s lonely bus trip at the end of series two has led her all the way down to Southampton where she’s now studying zoology. But you knew that, didn’t you? You clicked on this story for some new stuff, and new stuff we will give you…

1. JP's wishful thinking.

The gang’s Manchester pad has undergone a revamp. Cast your memory back to the end of the last series and you’ll remember posh toff JP using his megabucks to buy 28 Hartnell Avenue for his friends to live in. It comes as no surprise that he’s renamed it Pussy Haven. Although it’s not like the name change has done anything to reverse his fortune with the females.

2. Introducing the freshest meat...

With Josie and her fairy lights now based in Southampton, there’s room for a newbie. Meet Candice (played by The White Queen’s Faye Marsay) – she’s homeschooled and her parents thought she’d be safer living with second years. Pah.

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What can we tell you about nerdy Candice? Well, she rivals Howard with her funky jumpers, her dad’s a piano tuner, she starts off as Oregon’s pet project but soon gets a Fresh Meat baptism of fire courtesy of Vod…

3. Kingsley gets lucky

From the outset, it looks like Kingsley’s love life has grinded to a halt. He and Josie are “over like Dover”, meanwhile Heather seems to have disappeared without a trace. Or has she? Following a trip down to Southampton that reignites his not-so-dormant feelings for Josie, and the return of the girlfriend he's conveniently forgotten, let’s just say Kingsley's turned out to be more of a lothario than we first thought…

4. Howard had sex and he liked it.

And speaking of studs, Howard’s been reminiscing about the night of passion he shared with Sabine and decided he’d “like to do it again”. Unfortunately, he puts his romantic plans in the hands of JP who goes about planning a hot tub social for the dry slope skiing society. No surprise how that turns out.

But all’s not lost for loveable Howard as he attracts the interest of a lady friend – it must be those jumpers of his – much to the consternation of his wingman, JP.

5. Vod's new fella

Vod and Oregon aren't on the best of terms when they arrive back from their South American travels. That's probably got something to do with the hunky Mexican beefcake Vod picked up on day three of their trip.

Blinded by his biceps, Vod's overlooked one small snag - Javier doesn't speak a word of English. Poor Oregon must translate the pair's sweet nothings so when he turns up on their Manchester doorstep, she's not best pleased. Luckily for her, Javier's developed a penchant for daytime television...

5. Extreme makeover?

Hold the phone. Kinglsey is contemplating shaving off his soul patch. He actually says the line, “I’m thinking of shaving off my soul patch”. This s**t just got real.


Fresh Meat series three is available to watch now on 4oD and begins on Monday 4 November at 10:00pm on Channel 4